What is the best exercise to lose weight fast?

There are many ways to exercise for weight loss but there is a clear winner when it comes to the best exercise for losing weight fast. It is an exercise that will turbo charge your fat burning which when done along with a healthy diet will really have the desired effects on the scales. That exercise is rowing.

There are many ways to work out from a simple walk in the countryside with your dog through the gym to exercise classes with an instructor shouting feel the burn. They all have their place but for me there is no exercise quite like the rowing. There are many benefits of which the most important are explained below.

None Impact
Unlike an exercise like running the rowing machine is none impact which means you are far less likely to get an injury from rowing as apposed to running. With running every time your foot hits the ground a shock is sent up through your ankle and knees which can cause injury. On a rowing machine you are seated making it a much safer form of exercise.

Full Body Workout
You get a great workout with the rowing machine because when you get the technique right you will be using your whole body. Obviously the more muscles that work at any one time the more energy you expend and the more fat you burn. Rowing machines use the full body thus are great calorie burners especially when you compare it to something like a exercise bike where your arms do nothing.

Great Cardio Workout
Because of the movement in your arms and legs you will find you will need to breath a lot heavier than normal. This is great as it gives your body what is known as a cardio workout. This will make your heart and lungs stronger and more efficient. If you get out of breath walking up stairs try the rowing machine for a couple of weeks and you will notice that will go. That is because your cardiovascular system will be working more efficiently.

Perfect for all Levels of Fitness
Another great advantage of the rowing machine is that it is simple enough for people of all levels to do. Whether you are a new starter to exercise of a hard core fitness freak you can use the rowing machine to improve your fitness especially if you use it correctly.

High Intensity Interval Training
To get the best out of your rowing training and to really turn a row into the best exercise for fast weight loss you need to use it correctly. To do this you will need to do high intensity interval training or HIIT for short. This is where you start off with a light warm up before going into short and very sharp sprints. When I mean sharp I mean rowing as fast as you can. A good example of this is to row flat out for 20 seconds before having a 20 second rest. Of course to begin with try making the rest longer than the rowing interval as you will notice how hard it is very quickly. It is awesome those for getting your metabolism going and that means lots of fat burning. It will even continue for some time after. How good is that?

So if you are looking for an exercise that wont injure you, will work your whole body and will burn fat fast then the rowing machine is the best bit of equipment for you. Rowing is not just for fitness professionals it is for everyone and once you try it you will realise it is simply the best exercise for losing weight fast.