Jumpster Trampolines

Toys  specifically made for the outdoorslike trampolines such as http://www.jumpster.co.uk are an ideal way to ensure children soak up the sun and fresh air whilst getting some exercise instead of going to Wallmart to buy food.

Years ago as those of us of a certain age will remember we spent most of our time on the local common or recreation ground running around, having a swing or slide then running round again.

We left home in the morning and never returned home until dusk in some instances. For the sad reasons we are all aware of this is simply not feasible these days. Instead children now play in the garden or back yard of their home or their friends’ homes on such toys as climbing frames, swing sets and the splendid playhouses. However the popularity of these toys is now being threatened by the humble trampoline, an item that can be used by children and adults of all ages.

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Trampolines are available in every size, shape and colour you can imagine.  There are also different types utilised for a variety of activities.  One of these is the recreational trampoline which is probably the most well known to the general public.  A recreational trampoline can sometimes be just 34 inches square.  This would be for kids aged six and under whilst children of older years as well as adults can use trampolines up to 16 feet in diameter.  Some small recreational ones can be portable but the larger units are usually assembled then placed in a specific place and maybe even fixed permanently.  You can find this type of trampoline in school playgrounds and inside the Gymnasium.


The professional athlete will use a competitive trampoline for both conditioning and strength training.

Professional athletes use competitive trampolines both for strength training and conditioning, but in competition as well. Olympic athletes have used them for the past several years. Gymnasiums use them to help gymnasts become stronger and learn body control. Competitive trampolines are built with more durable components and a very strong fabric. While they are sturdier than recreational trampolines, they are built to be lightweight and portable. The shape and size of this type of trampoline has been standardized, so they are the same size across the world. Since they are used for athletic competitions, competitive trampolines deliver a higher bounce and enable the athlete to perform difficult stunts.

Water trampolines are ideal for lakeside fun. They’re inflatable, portable, float on the water, and can be anchored in the open water. Even though water trampolines are designed specifically for entertainment, they are great for exercise too!

Just as with other outdoor toys, safety rules need to be observed when using all types of trampolines. A few manufacturers build in safety features to their trampolines, or they offer accessories that help to make the trampolines safer to use. One safety feature is a “bulls-eye” stitched into the middle of the canvas. This gives the jumper an awareness of where he is on the trampoline and can therefore stay closer to the middle. There are manufacturers that offer the trampoline with an enclosure (safety net) that is easily attached for further safety. The enclosures are meant to keep the jumper from falling off of the trampoline if they lose control of their jumps.

The bounce mat must be inspected regularly to check for fraying fabric or breakage. Over time, any trampoline bounce mat will succumb to wear and tear and the outdoor elements. Check with the manufacturer concerning their warranty on the bounce mat. Warranties do vary, so be sure you have something in writing. A good standard for a trampoline warranty is 5 years. Trampoline owners may want to consider investing in a cover for their outdoor trampolines to extend the life of the mat.